Go lekalekanya ditlhokego tsa tiro le kgwebo ka gangwe

Many big greatest things in this world has emerged whilst having started off as just a dream, a dreamer had to have just courage to take a step in turning dreams to be a reality.
Today we have many business people, both men and women from all different backgrounds; many are working hard in their respective fields of work to do well in their craft. Come knock-off time one has to back to being a mother/father to their children, a spouse to their partner and other home roles to fill.
Our guest today is a daughter, sister, mother and a businesswoman Renolda Nkgomotsang Kube, a hair specialist in Mogwase, just outside Rusternburg next to Sun City. Renolda was working for many years as a waitress at one of the restaurants in Sun City, until one day she decided enough was indeed enough and took a brave bold decision to pursue her dream.