After hearing over 80 stakeholders’ viewpoints regarding what might be
viewed as anti-competitive behaviour in the automotive industry, the
Competition Commission has decided to take a draft motor code one step
further by seeking to implement it in law. Currently, South African owners of
new cars are locked into using a vehicle manufacturer's service centres,
repair shops and parts in ‘embedded’ motor and service plans. If SA new car
owners decide to use an independent service or repair provider of their own
choice, vehicle manufacturers then typically punish them by voiding their
warranties in what is a highly unfair practice.
To get an understanding of this we are joined by
Filum Ho
CEO of Auto Boys and vice chairperson of Right to Repair SA (R2RSA), a
Section 21 non-profit company founded by the Motor Industry Workshop
And we are also joined by
Mike Mabasa
Executive director and CEO - The National Association of Automotive
Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa)
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