Sex Education in Grade4, the #ImmaculateBreakfast talsk to a primary School Teacher

You’ve seen the conversation all week, many parents and some political parties and certain individuals weighed in on the matter #SexEducationForGrade4Pupils According to the department, the new curriculum would be targeted at grade 4 to 12 pupils and would cover a variety of subjects ranging from healthy lifestyles to sex education. It said that grade 4 pupils would be taught in the most appropriate and sensitive way about how babies are conceived, amongst other topics. Spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga: "It needs to be improved; it needs to be enhanced because we have to check if it is giving us what we're expecting if it was yielding the required result. We will monitor the outcomes on an ongoing basis. We spoke to Limpopo based Primary School Educator, Mrs Gavaza about what exactly is in the current LO curriculum and she gave us the classroom experience from a teacher's perspective.