Botlhokwa ba go dirisa ditsiboso-phatlalatsa ka mogare wa HI le Mr Jim Phandle – HIV/AIDS activist/ambassador

After more than 25 years of the existence of the pandemic HIV/AIDS, there are still many people who do not know much about the virus, are not well informed on the proper ways of managing with the virus, taking good care of themselves and preventing possible infection of the virus.
07 years ago a man from Rock-lands township, just outside the city of roses Bloemfontein, decided to embark on a mission/journey of creating as much awareness as possible about the virus, informing people on better ways of taking good care of themselves and ensuring that they do not get infected or infecting others by the virus.
Mr. Jim Phandle, who works at Bloemfontein SAPS as a cleaner decided to enroll in a program that was taking off at their workplace about peer education. This program would later see Mr Phandle as an HIV/AIDS ambassador. Their work as HIV/AIDS ambassadors include going on awareness programs, informing fellow colleagues in various SAPS about ways and means in which they could manage and better prevent any possibilities of HIV infection.