Go dira kgotsa go dirisiwa ga bana le Rre Boikie Mampuru - Provincial Chief Inspector

Child labour has proven itself to be a problem in the whole wide world and is still a persisting problem in the post democratic South Africa.
As much as the government is trying hard to climb down on the illegal practices of child labour, the unacceptable tendency is still occurring and has grown to be a matter of concern.
Its is advisable for kids to start learning about responsibilities from an early age by getting part time jobs, earning their own money and knowing how to spend it wisely, but a serious consideration has to be made about the age limit for a child to have a part time job and the exact hours to be worked by a child.
However as far as rural farms are concerned, it sometimes proves to be a different challenge altogether as mostly you find kids who are sometimes not even at school, some immediately after school they go on to work in the farms. Problem becomes when their working hours and working conditions do not get to be regulated.