Go dira kgwebo e e tlisang pharologano mo matshelong a batho le Ms Eugenia Mokone – Addnum holdings

Education has been preached over and over again as the key to success, an empowerment tool all should equip themselves with in order to make it in the journey of life.
Having seen this to be true and seen all the gaps within the educational centres and facilities in our society, this prompted Miss Eugenia Mokone to do something about it. The Bushbuckridge born lady saw a need to prepare learners properly for the complex demands of the 21st Century knowledge and therefore established ADDNUM Holdings Ltd, the managing company of Education Centres from Pre-School, Primary School & Training centres for Corporate and communities.
Miss Mokone had realized that, today and in the future, all learners need to be principled, creative & critically literate in order to make informed decisions, communicate effectively and thrive in an ever-changing global community. For the past 20 years, they have invested time and resource to educate, train and empower people.