Diphetogo tse o ka itemogelang tsone fa o simolola go dirisa di ARV le Dr Mpho Mogonediwa

The treatment of HIV has been massively improved and made better over the past previous years, from taking in a number of pills, now narrowed to only one pill. This has assisted in simplifying the process of taking medication to those who do not really like it.
Whether one has known for some time or recently found out of their HIV status, it is common knowledge lately that it is no longer needed to wait for a certain scale or number of CD4 count to decrease up to thus far, but can and should enroll for ARV’s treatment immediately after testing positive.
Just like any other forms and types of medication, ARV’s do have their own fair share of side effects. Side effects have been reported with all ARV drugs and, in the earlier era of combination ART, side effects were among the most common reasons for switching or discontinuing therapy and for medication non-adherence. Fortunately, newer ARV regimens are associated with fewer serious and intolerable adverse effects than regimens used in the past.