Kelo e eleng maleba go ka simolola kgwebo ka yone le Boitshoko Motshwari – Leung-Lentle Mobile Spa

When going into business, one needs to be sure about the market they are going to serve, the required or needed quantity of the service they will be rendering as well. This helps determines or know the magnitude of your business as a starter.
New businesses do not just start by going big right away just because the owners or funders have got bigger pockets, but simply because of knowing how much in demand the service they intend to render is.
A young vibrant energetic and visionary Boitshoko Motshwari identified a gap in the spa business in and around Mmabatho. Before spending money on the resources needed to successfully run such a business, she did a basic market research that indicated to her the level of demand which in turn guided her on the relevant resources needed.