Nako e e maleba go neela kgwebo gore e gole le Lorraine Mado Morupi

Business is not for the faint-hearted, so they say. Just because few people you know managed to establish and blossom to success their business ventures that does not mean we all can do it. We are not all born entrepreneurs.
For as long as one knows business well, then they will know that patience is virtue, key to ensure success of business. Not all business blossoms to success immediately after their establishment, it takes time and with adequate managerial skills, it will eventually get to where it had been versioned.
Today we are discussing an issue of giving business enough time to grow its spheres. Our guest today is Lorraine Morupi, a young passionate make-up artist who happens to work a full time job with the department of correctional services. Lorraine grew up with love for arts, drawing and doing make-up for fun until she came to a realization that she can actually make a living out of it.