Go lekalekanya nako magareng ga dikgwebo le maikarabelo mangwe gape le Mme Basetsana Katu

Life is always good when one tries opportunities elsewhere. They say that with today’s life whereby many things have become a bit expensive, a salary alone is not enough for others, it needs to be supported by others means of income as well.
Business sector has opened many opportunities for people from across all over the world regardless of gender, ethnicity and race as well, hence many people have ventured into business and made a success of it. But one of the main challenges that do emerge is balancing well between business, family time and other commitments as well.
Today our guest is a successful businesswoman, a wife, mother and an employee of one of the biggest banks in the country. Mrs Basetsana Taku runs Kalana Projects & Events, and Cakes & Roses, her two businesses she started all on her own and have made a success of them.