16 Apr Omar al-Bashir's resignation

After nearly three decades in power, Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir has been ousted and arrested, the defence minister said on state TV. Minister Awad Ibn Ouf said the army will oversee a two-year transitional period followed by elections, adding that a three-month state of emergency with a 10pm curfew would be enforced. Protests against Bashir, who had ruled Sudan since 1989, started on December 19 last year. The demonstrations were initially in protest over the rising costs of bread and fuel, but soon widened to call for the overthrow of Bashir. Since its independence, Sudan has periodically suffered military coups, including the one that brought Bashir to power. The role of the military was vital in forcing out Bashir as well, as it was only once soldiers began defending protesters that his position became completely untenable.
We are in conversation with the following parties:
*Sabir Ebrahim Representative of Sudan Liberation Movement in South Africa.
*Prof Kwesi Kwaa Phrah Author & Public Speaker.
*Jok Moduk Jok Director SUDD Institute.
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