Episode 58 "Don't Compare Us To Another Podcast Again!"

Ladies and Gentleman in this episode we bring you empirical evidence of why Sadza in the Morning is The People's Podcast, Podcast Yevanhu, Podcast YaBantu!

We had a chat with Tanya & Vimbai Masiyiwa, yes THAT Masiyiwa and Leeroy Gopal who were in Chimanimani this past weekend on behalf of #PledgeIdai to assess the damage of Cylone Idai. They let us in on what PledgeIdai is all about and why it is important for Zimbabweans to still remain vigilant and continue helping the Chimanimani community.

Yup, that's basically the episode, and the reason why we don't eve wanna hear any comparison. Thanks to us you now know what their voices sound like. You're welcome.

Now, send ecocash.
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