11 Apr CAR peace agreement

Last month the government of the Central African Republic (CAR) and fourteen armed groups signed a long-awaited peace agreement aiming to end the country's devastating civil war. While this is one of many peace deals signed in CAR before, citizens shall have to take a wait and see approach whether the deal will benefit them. Meanwhile according to a United Nations 2016 report, human rights violations increased by seventy-per cent in CAR compared to the period covered by the first report in 2015.

To assist us on the environment before elections we speak to:
• Catherina Wilson is a researcher at the History Department of the Leiden University (The Netherlands) she concluded her doctorate in conflict and mobility in Central Africa and the DRC).
• Caesar Poblicks is an East and Central African Project Manager at Conciliation Resources.
• Dr Shingai Mutizwa – Mangiza is a post-doctoral fellow at the department of political studies at the University of the Western Cape.
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