11 Apr ECAfrica100 in Conversation With James Urdang

James Urdang is the Founder and CEO of Education Africa, is a Social Entrepreneur, humanitarian and Public Speaker. He has dedicated more than 29 years helping to bring about real, positive and meaningful change to the lives of disadvantaged Africans.
James has been recognized globally and is a recipient of the Klaus Jacobs Awards in Switzerland for Social Engagement and Innovation.
James was mentored by the late Walter Sisulu and was honored to have been asked to speak at the funeral of the late Chris Hani. James was the first person in the non-profit sector to lead President Nelson Mandela and had the honor of presenting him the Golden Doves of Peace Award and accompany him at a number of Education Africa events.
The biggest challenge for James has always been the sustainability of Education Africa and his dream is to create an endowment fund so that Education Africa can be self-sustainable
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