Go simolola kgwebo ntle le thuso ya matlole le Mme Mirriam Kgole – Liomi Perfume

Establishing a proper well functional business from the ground can be a bit of a stiff hustle, more especially if you have no financial backing; you have to start everything on the little that you have.
Be it a tough task as it may be, many people have transformed their ideas into projects, and taken off their projects from the ground to being a sustainable successful business ventures.
This is almost the same to have happened to Miss Mirriam Kgole, a Public Relations graduate who found herself in cosmetics industry. Miss Kgole decided to start her own company Liomi perfumes after completing her course in Public Relations. Instead of waiting for funding for her ideal business venture, she took a risk with the little that she had and grew her business to where it is currently.