Tshegetso ka matlole a thuto mo go bo mmeng ba ba godisang bana ba le nosi le Mr Aubrey Kunene – Legal Aid

More often than not, the mother of a child whose former partner or spouse refuses to co-operate, is called upon to account to the school for issues or problems related to the non-payment of school fees. In the normal course, in the event of joint and several liability being imposed, she would be liable for the full amount of the fees with a right of recovery against the other parent for his / her share. The responsibility for recovery is therefore placed on the custodian parent and not on the school.
A vast number of parents find themselves in the same or similar position as Safer, and this judgment will go a long way in assisting the plight of many single parents, particularly mothers, who struggle to make ends meet and to enforce maintenance orders and orders for support against ex-spouses.
This does not, however, open the door to all single parents to apply for exemption for the payment of school fees. It also does not mean that in every case, a single parent is not obliged to obtain the financial details of the father of the child. If the parties are in a position to pay and to provide details of a combined income, they must do so.