28 Mar Brexit Stalemate

The British Parliament has passed an amendment giving itself the power to vote on alternatives to the government's plan to leave the European Union Block-the process known as Brexit. The attempts to take control of the process came as Prime Minister Theresa May prepared for a last-ditch effort to persuade lawmakers to support her withdrawal plan, which has already been rejected twice by huge margins. Last week, European Union leaders granted Britain an extension on the March 29 deadline for departure from the block, but not on the terms Prime Minister Theresa May sought. By stepping into the process and trying to define an alternative path, lawmakers could create a constitutional showdown in Britain, where the government normally controls the agenda in Parliament, especially on its most pressing issue.

Today we speak to:

• Trudi Hartzenberg, Executive Director at Trade Law Centre

• Professor Jo-Ansie van Wyk, from the Department of Political Sciences at the University of South Africa
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