Takatso ya dijo mo baneng le Dr Ria Mojapelo

Taking care of children can be a bit challenging at times, sometimes happiness in their faces can fade away and there be no explanation to it. Sometimes they can indulge whole heartedly into food and sometimes they will just not be that much into it. Unexplainable loss and gain of appetite in kids may be very worrisome amongst parents.
Illness sometimes causes loss of appetite. If a child has a sore throat, rash, fever or other symptoms, the child may be sick. If a child appears healthy and happy, there is probably no reason to be concerned about a temporary fall in appetite.
Meal times are important social times for growing children. As a parent, one has to try to make this time of the day more enjoyable for a child. Offering a child different foods and having them choose which foods they will eat can help. Another ideal thing to do will be not to focus on what a child is not eating, but rather focus on what they are eating. Show by example that eating is fun and enjoyable.