#9  Democracy Gauge: George Mbathu

A former North West police officer, based in Klerksdorp, who was allegedly suspended from his duty in 1991, is still struggling to get his suspension lifted, 28 years later. The man says, he has knocked virtually on all doors, and seemingly, no one is prepared to listen. He says, at the dawn of democracy in 1994, he was optimistic, his problem, would be resolved, but says, his hopes were soon, dashed, when those in authority, also turned their backs against him.

George Mbathu, contends that, since his suspension, in 1991, he was never accorded a departmental inquiry, which is required by law, when a SAPS member is suspended. As far as he is concerned, he is still on suspension, and ought to be reinstated, since he has not been found guilty of any offence by the SAPS.