12 Mar ECAfrica100 in Conversation With Themba Mabaso

Themba Mabaso is an author and illustrator who started the self-publishing company, Njabulo Publishers, in 2003, with the aim to get more South African children to read. His stories and characters have a distinct local flavor and over the 14 years of its existence, his company has brought out more than almost 20 children’s novels.

Njabulo Publishers introduces illustrated books with adventurous characters in African settings to encourage South African children to read.

Improving South Africa’s literacy rate is paramount to the success of the country and its people. It starts with young children falling in love with the written word, learning through illustrated characters about themselves and the world around them.

However, there are not that many children’s books that speak to the lived experiences of many young South Africans. The adventurous character Gimba, created by Thembinkosi (Themba) Mabaso, and Njabulo Publishers are boldly pioneering the children and youth literary market with entertaining, enduring and relevant books.

The books are developed to educate as well as entertain the readers and they come in a number of languages that is English, Zulu, & SeSotho. There are currently at least 18 titles published by Njabulo Publishers.
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