Mekgwa e e siametseng go kgalemela bana le Mme Thapelo Tlhabane – Counsellor & Life Strategist/Relationship Coach

One of the most stressful and joyful jobs of all time, is being a parent. Parenting is regarded as a fulltime job because of the amount of time you have to dedicate in caring for your little one, ensuring they are safe, happy and healthy at all times.
One of the trickiest parts of parenting is disciplining your child. Children naturally do have their on and off times, there are times whereby they will just be on their best behaviours, and then there comes times whereby they really can’t be seated on same position, but want to stand up and cause a bit of havoc there and there.
How you discipline your child is of paramount importance. The way you discipline your little one determines the kind of person they will grow up to be, and how they will react or interact with other people. But then on the process of disciplining your child you need to take into cognizance their age group, and remember that they have got rights too that need not to be violated.