7 Mar International Women's Day

Tomorrow marks International Women’s day and aims to promote women’s rights. The attention tomorrow will be focused on ways to eliminate gender gaps experienced in the world and the focal point will be how to protect women in societies where patriarchal norms seem to place women below their male counterparts. Today AFRICAN DIALOGUE partners up with ONE, the international campaigning and advocacy organisation which has aligned itself to up to 40 activists from 11 African countries who have written an open letter to world leaders to address gender inequalities. On our show today we will speak to these various activists from parts of the continent to speak on gender equity in various parts of African society.
We speak to :
• ONE Africa Executive Director Rudo Kwaramba-Kayombo
• Melene Rossouw, South Africa: Melene is a South African Attorney who founded the Women Lead Movement.
• Naomi Tulay Solanke, Liberia: Naomi is Founder and Executive Director of Community Health Initiative
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