Go neelwa tlhokomelo e e feletseng ya bana ga bo rre le Mme Lenny Sefula – Social Work Supervisor

Lately the number of single parents raising kids all by themselves has been on a steady incline. More and more children are being raised by single parents. In most cases, these single parents happen to be mothers. Single fathers account to low percentages of the total number of single parents.
Though it is commonly known that when coming to awarding custody of children either in a case of separation by parents or any other reasons that may lead to custody battle, mothers are given priority. But there are certain things that are taken into consideration; custody is not automatically handed over to the mother.
Now what does it take for a father to be given full custody? Fathers do have rights just as mothers do. But for them to get custody of children is a little bit difficult or rare, what may be the causes that could lead to fathers getting custody of children other than a mother passing on?