1 Mar ECAfrica100 in Conversation With Mantwa Chinoamadi

Mantwa Chinoamadi has been at the helm of the T-Musicman since its initial forays into the world of live music promotion and production in 1989 when she was offered the role of Artist Liaison.

Her clients included the likes of Queen, Jonas Gwangwa, Rebecca Malope, and Brenda Fassie. All of whom placed the marketing and promotional necessities of their careers in the hands of Mantwa and T.Musicman. Her first assignment in the role of Project Manager came in the form of the country's first democratic election processes in 1994 when T-Musicman was tasked with co-ordinating the Voter Education Rally campaign, for the education of the masses prior to the historical democratic elections in 1994. While she has submerged herself in various business courses to gain theoretical knowledge and leverage to succeed in her new position, Mantua's will to succeed in her role as Project Manager has taken her to the far corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in delivering world-class events, concerts, and festivals.
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