#ThePlayRoom - The Final LIVE Show

Tackling everything sex from 10am to 11am, Monday to Friday and hosted by relationship expert and author Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang and sex coach and author Jade Zwane. From sexual liberation to taking responsibility for your orgasm, no topic is taboo as we go in search of what it takes to have a satisfying sex life.
28 Feb 2019 6AM English South Africa Technology

Other recent episodes

#SexWithJade - Dominique (HoneyBunny)

#SexWithJade 10:00am - 11:00am, Jade Zwane Sex Coach is on a mission of sexual liberation teaching many to take responsibility for their orgasm. Joined By Dominique from "Honeybunny" they discuss the use of Sex toys and how to use sex toys.
2 Mar 2018 5AM 18 min

#SexWithJade - Hakeem Anderson (Foreplay)

How long should foreplay last before the actual act of sex? Jade Zwane and Hakeem Anderson discuss foreplay and how to make use of foreplay for longer lasting satisfying pleasure.
5 Mar 2018 4AM 29 min

#ThePlayRoom - Male Strippers

Things got wild and sexy in studio. Jade Zwane and Hakeem Anderson bring you the saucy and sexy side of life having sexy drop dead gorgeous male strippers in studio.
7 Mar 2018 5AM 28 min