26 Feb Threats to NGO's

In its latest report called “The Global Crackdown on Civil Society Organisations” Amnesty International reveals the startling number of countries using bullying techniques and repressive regulations to prevent NGOs from doing their work. The report lists 50 countries worldwide where anti-NGO laws have been implemented or are in the pipeline. The organisation says in the past two years alone, forty pieces of legislation that are designed to hamper the work of civil society organisations have been put in place or are in the works around the world. Amnesty International says these laws include implementing ludicrous registration processes for organisations, monitoring their work and in many cases shutting them down if they don’t adhere to the unreasonable requirements imposed on them.

To help us unpack this discussion we are joined on the line by:

• Mienke Steytler is the media and digital content officer at Amnesty International South Africa

• Lisa Vetten is with Wits University and also the manager of the Care Work project; key concern is organisations which provide social care services
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