Ditlamorago tsa go dirisa thibela-pelegi phetelela le Dr Karabo Juliet Tlale – Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Women’s health is considered tricky and very fragile if not well taken care of, but lately due to technological advancement in the medical sector; it has been a much easier process for women to take good care of themselves. Preventing illnesses and unplanned pregnancies is also a piece of cake nowadays; there are quite a few various methods of combating that.
Pregnancy prevention has quit a few various methods; they include implanons, morning after pills and injections from nearest health facilities. All these have made it much easier for women to control their reproductive system. Too much excessive use of prevention methods can have negative side effects though.
Hormonal methods of birth control affect the hormone levels in a person's body, so many people though not all experience side effects shortly after taking them