Dr Botlhale Tema

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This week on 5Talks, Dr Botlhale Tema, retired Director of the African Union (AU) Commission and Chief Director responsible for international cooperation at the Department of Science & Technology. She was the first Secretary General of the South African National Commission for UNESCO who started her career as a school teacher and university lecturer.

Nick chats to about “Land of My Ancestors” an Epic South African story, based on true events. Land of My Ancestors, tells the story of the two young men and their descendants, as they build a life for themselves on Welgeval. As they raise their families and take in people who have been dispossessed, we follow the births, deaths, adventures and joys of the farm’s inhabitants in their struggle to build a new community. Set against the backdrop of slavery, colonialism, the Anglo-Boer War and the rise of apartheid, this is a fascinating and insightful retelling of history. It is an inspiring story about friendship and family, landownership and learning, and about how people transform themselves from victims to victors.