Tshegetso e e neelwang bomme ba ba godisang bana ba le nosi le Mme Portia Molapo

A baby is considered to be the best blessing one can ever ask for in their entire lifetime. The ability to nurture, take care and grow a little life into a young responsible elder who will contribute positively to the society is every mother’s pride and joy. Unfortunately be that as it may, South Africa and many other countries across the world has been hit by a scurge of a growing number of single parents, mainly mothers. There are many children who grow up without the full time presence of their fathers.
Whilst the number of single parents (mothers) is busy growing rapidly, another factor that comes as a concern to this is unemployment. Many young single mothers are unemployed.
Seeing that the trend was on a rapid incline and many mothers were starting to grow serious frustrations, Portia Molapo from Brits in the North West noticed with great concern and saw that something had to be done as soon as possible.