11 Feb #ECAfrica100 in conversation with Leruo Dichaba – Africa Business Radio

In a bold move inspired by a collective vision to change the African narrative, #ECAfrica100 Premiers With Leruo Dichaba.
In this episode, Vanessa Perumal chats Leruo Dichaba, Ms. Dichaba believes in the power and importance of Africans telling’ our own stories in our own voices and on our own platforms’.
Leruo Dichaba is a South African born businesswoman in the field of Media, Renewable Energy and Transport. She is the CEO of Africa Business Radio and studied Project Management and Political Studies at the Walter Sisulu Leadership Academy and African & International Trade at TIMALI. Leruo has considerable experience in organization management and the planning of various projects.
She’s an Afro-optimist who believes that the development of Africa should come from the hands of Africans and therefore it is the responsibility of Africans to come up with sustainable economic industries for its betterment
Being a successful broadcaster, she shares her insights on why collaboration is relevant and why the radio station which aims to promote and share any and all business matters evolving around the African continent is partnering with #ECAfrica100
‘Let’s tell our own stories in our voices, on own platforms’ – Leruo Dichaba
“For us to progress as people, we have to collaborate. For another black person to succeed, it’s all our success” Leruo Dichaba
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