Go tlogela go dirisa melemo ga bo mme ba ba leng mo mmeleng le Dr. Vusimuzi Ben Hlongwa – Gynecologist & Obstetrician

South Africa is still faced with the issue of ever-increasing number of the newly infected people with HIV, though the newly infected percentage has dropped but it’s still occurring annually. Today we discuss the issue of defaulting on medication (ARV’s) by pregnant women.
Mother-to-child transmission is the greatest source of HIV infection in young children. 1 in 3 pregnant women are HIV positive and it has been estimated that 50 000 HIV positive babies are born in South Africa each year.
An HIV positive woman can transmit the HIV virus to her baby during pregnancy, labour, delivery and through breastfeeding. Maternal HIV expert. But if the right procedures are followed, the chances of a baby becoming infected with HIV are actually very low.