30 Jan US Government Shutdown

The government shutdown in the US has cost the country’s economy over 11 billion dollars. This is double the amount that US president Donald Trump was looking for to find his border between his county and Mexico. Donald Trump’s five week long shutdown affected an estimated 800 thousand federal workers, some of which were not being paid by the government. Last week Trump signed a bill to find the government for the next three weeks. After the exasperation from the public and the decline of the economic environment in the country Trump was left with no choice but to end the longest government shutdown in history.

To look at the consequences of the shutdown we are joined on the line by:

• Thomas Gift, Political scientist and lecturer at the University College London
• Lukman Otunuga, search analyst at FXTM;

• Brooks Spector, the Associate Editor at Daily Maverick and a retired American diplomat.
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