‘I slid down the bannisters and fell on my head’

Thriller writer Liz Nugent deals in dark worlds with flawed characters, but she has experienced her fair share of challenges and tough times too.

After falling from the stair bannister aged six onto her brother’s tricycle she experienced a brain haemorrhage. A second accident in her 20s triggered Dystonia, a condition which causes the muscles in her leg to uncomfortably contract, making walking difficult.

Her recovery has so far included an accidental stint in a psychiatric ward, plenty of botox (cosmetic and medical) and learning to type her award-winning novels with one hand.

The Irish writer chats about her latest novel – Skin Deep – and how she has perfected her streamlined writing style, with minimum description, because every word costs her energy. There are even a few tips for aspiring writers in there too.

Presented by Emma Tracey with Beth Rose. A transcript will appear here soon.

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