Christmas repeat:The The date saboteur and the make-up store terror

Happy New Year from the BBC Ouch team! As a little treat, we thought we’d give you another chance to listen to some of our fabulous performers on BBC Ouch: Storytelling Live at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018.

Going out is meant to be fun, but add in an unpredictable disability or mental health problem and you could have an unwanted challenge or serious embarrassment on your hands - especially if these real-life tales are anything to go by.

From the agoraphobic woman who took an extreme 15-hour bus journey so she didn't have to remain overnight after her best friend's wedding, to a man with Crohn's disease desperately hunting for a toilet in the unfamiliar flat of the person he spent the night with. Plus, the woman who faced a beautician's interrogation when she was trying to get to grips with depression and anxiety and just wanted to buy some soap.

Lucy Jollow, Philip Henry and Laura Lexx revealed their embarrassing encounters for BBC Ouch: Storytelling Live, a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the theme of Going Out. Hosted by Lost Voice Guy.

And watch out for updates on how you can get involved in the 2019 show!

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