Ali Jones

Mark Bland and Gary Weed return with a hot episode of The Q, cooked up just the way you like it. This week's episode welcomes friend of the show Ali Jones of the legendary hip hop group the St. Lunatics. Ali has been to the top of the music business with is crew since 1999. Winning multiple Grammy Awards and music awards for their contributions, Ali along with his childhood friends have racked up quite the reputation. Whether it's Country Grammar, Free City, Heavy Starch or the multitude of other albums and features, Ali has set himself along with Nelly, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, City Spud and Slo Down as the dominate midwest hip hop group of the early 2000s through today. First up, Mark being in the music business, he has worked with the group on different projects in the past. From these interactions and personal dealings, Mark realized early that Ali is a force to be reckoned with verbally when discussing touchy and somewhat controversial topics... not unlike himself. Ali explains the beginnings of the St. Lunatics as they celebrate their 25th year as a group. Mark wonders if there is any plans for a full line up reunion, and Ali expounds on why that is always a potential but not at this moment. Next there are many stories of the hip hop group Mark has heard through the grapevine for years. He decides to serve the stories up and put the questions to rest. Did this happen? Did that happen? Some very juicy and interesting background on the group and how they gained notoriety is spawned from these questions. Maybe you knew, but maybe you didn't. Find out the real scoop on the group’s ascent to fame and popularity. The guys have discussed gangs and 1%'ers in the past. But also 5%'ers were brought up on the show before and there is a lot of lore and background to that belief in the world. Ali being a 5%'er shines a light on what’s true and not about his beliefs. He also explains what being a 5%'er means and how others can attain the same beliefs in their life.