South African Judge orders Mast powered down on health reasons - Part 1 of 4

The positive and negative health effects from non-native electromagnetic field (nnEMF) effects are real. This includes cell towers. The data has been published, numerous Nobel Prize Awards to explain it, however, the understanding of nnEMF and health in medicine is a cross-pollinating exercise between disciplines in connecting the dots. Most allopathic medicine lacks training in dealing with mitochondrial-related diseases. nnEMF diseases for medical practitioners have several problems. Firstly, they don’t understand the linkage between their pathology and biochemistry books, to what is seen clinically in the world today. Secondly, if one tries to understand the nnEMF issue purely from a biological platform, doctors will be wholly unsuccessful. Physicians need to approach from a biophysics angle. Unfortunately, most allopathic doctors do not have a big physics background.

The problem in medical school and functional medicine training, no one teaches really how mitochondria operates and how it connects into the pathways. Therefore, nnEMF is a big “black box” for most practitioners because they don’t understand how different parts of the nnEMF spectrum affects different parts within the cell. Thereby, unable to explain the symptoms many patients have. Additionally, what really complicates matters further is the countenance of 4G and 5G nnEMF technology. It is ever more complicated because of the way electrical engineers are now changing waveform. It is no longer a strict power density issue anymore. Now, one has to know some of the interesting physics behind this to understand it.

Recently, this has been recognised by different domestic Organs of State. The reviews of the recent Govt. funded nnEMF study has seen this research, development and public health training in alignment with national strategies and priorities. Over the years to come, investment has been taken to start training doctors, and teach 1st and 2nd-year medical students in biophysics.