13 Dec Elizabeth TRAORE-ANDONY connecting European Investors with businesses in Central Africa

Sit back and enjoy some of the best bits of the francophone TOUT AFRO, TOUT BUSINESS show. In this episode, you will hear from Venicia Guinot (Multi Awards-Winning Editor-in-Chief at TROPICS MAGAZINE) and Onesiphore NEMBE (Editor-in-Chief at AFRIQUE PROGRES MAGAZINE).

In this episode we talk to Mrs. Elizabeth Patricia TRAORE-ANDONY (Chair & Founder of CMO London - http://www.cmolondon.co.uk) and a daughter of central Africa pushing boundaries in the United Kingdom. Her mission is to connect European Investors with their matching business partners in Central Africa because she believes that "There is a sustainable economic connection between Europe and Africa. CMO sees itself as more of a maverick-style strategist which do not follow pre-set strategies."
CMO London consultancy has an extensive overseas network. The firm is lead by a dynamic and highly energetic business consultant with a proven record in Africa.
Naturally energetic with an enthusiasm for empowering people, Mrs. Elizabeth TRAORE-ANDONY is also fluent in six (6) European languages and most of the dialects of the CEMAC (Central African) region. As you would expect from a person with such a rich heritage, Elizabeth and her team are well acquainted with business challenges surrounding Central Africa including investment mobilization.
Our guest for this final show of 2018 is an accomplished political maverick with a long established network of powerful ... on both sides of the continents.
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