Go bolelela ngwana wa gago ka mogare wa HI o a belegweng le one le Fikile Khoza (Ngwana) & Kehilwe Khoza (Motsadi)

Lately HIV has grown to be accepted as a part of our daily lives. Almost everybody is affected by infected people closest to them, or knows people who are affected by the HI Virus somehow. It is no longer the scariest killer disease like it was perceived or explained as back in the days.
As much as we might be having many programs to address the scurge of the virus, to curb it from growing further, we still experience growth of newly infected children born with it.
Currently there are many people who were born with HIV, somehow have grown to be younger adults now. The big question or issue for any parent who has a child born with HIV would be how and when to disclose to their child the status they were born with.