Tshegetso e e tlhokegang go tswa mo kgolaganong ya tshotlakako le Tebogo Moripe (Domestic violence survivor)

We are in that time of the year again whereby we commemorate 16 days of activism against women and children abuse, with the sole purpose of uprooting domestic violence from the roots, addressing all issues that somehow directly or indirectly contribute to domestic violence.
Being a victim of abused is not an easy walk in the park, it is hard and challenging. Having to deal with an abusive partner can be very traumatic for one, and psychologically oppressing. Many who are in abusive relationships feel like they have no way out, are trapped and the only thing to do is to just endure the suffering and hope for better days.
Much as it is hard and at times difficult to fight against oppression and claim one’s freedom, one lady decided that she had had enough and wanted to break out of the abusive relationship. Through the much needed support she managed to break the chains and free herself from the traumas of abuse