Go dira kgwebo ka go rekisa malomo le Salome Khunoana – Salome Florist

The rise of many small businesses has come as a rescue for our everyday life styles, almost anything that one may want or need is offered by nearest small businesses.
Most of the local businesses were formed as a result of identifying the gap in the market, most people after having seen a need of a certain thing, they come up with a plan providing for the much needed service.
After being employed as a florist for almost two decades, Miss Khunoana saw a need for florists in her home township of Mabopane. Miss Khunoana started her own florist company which caters for an everyday growing market of the townships.
Salome florist specializes in the supply and arrangement of fresh flowers. Their clientele boast from private individuals buying flowers for various occasions and regular business clients.