Masaikategang a a ka tlisiwang ke tiriso e e feteletseng ya nnotagi le Dr Isaac Mashitisho – Specialist Physician

We have slowly but surely approached that time of the year of endless parties, celebration day in and out. This is the time of the year whereby there will be lot of parties, celebrations of various archievements and so on and on.
During this festive season, season of various celebrations, it is whereby people will be consuming alcoholic beverages a lot.
Excessive alcohol consumption can bear negative outcomes on one’s health. Frequently drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health. Alcohol can have an impact on every body system.
How much alcohol a person drinks, genetic factors, gender, body mass, and general state of health all influence how a person's health responds to chronic heavy drinking. Studies consistently show that, overall, heavy alcohol consumption is detrimental to health and a leading preventable cause of death.