Go atlegisa kgwebo e e o e tlogeletsweng ke bagolo le Mme Botshelo Rakuba – Pony Construction and Projects

For many years now from back in the days our elders have always been running establishing and their own businesses in the villages and townships. Most of ud grew up in townships and villages whereby there were no big retail supermarkets but locally owned supermarkets and they were doing well.
But unfortunately there has been a growing norm amongst our society as black people that businesses can no longer be inherited. There is a common saying that is used usually after an inherited business has went under which says that it (business) has followed its deceased owner.
Well a living testimony that the above mentioned myths are wrong is none other than the Rusternburg born Botshelo Rakuba. The young enthusiastic lady from Phokeng saw that after her father’s passing, his construction tools were just idling and collecting rust, she decided to try her luck by going into construction with the tools left behind by the late father.
Botshelo was backed by her mother, with the support she strived to prove herself in a previously male dominated industry. She has since been successful and never looked back.