Mokgwa o mogare wa HI o ka amang itekanelo ya tlhaloganyo ya borre le Mme Nono Lekgowe - Counselling psychologist

The society as a whole has been in much awareness of HIV/AIDS for the past 30 years and more. Lots of awareness campaigns have been made educational programs at health facilities and schools as well have been made. Of all the things preached as far as HIV/AIDS is concerned, one major lesson that has been repeatedly emphasized is that HIV/AIDS is not a life sentence. Testing positive for HIV does not mean end of life.
Be that as it may; learning that you are HIV positive after testing can be quite devastating and shuttering as well. It may have lot of emotional dilemmas as well, more especially for men.
Because men are known to be the kind of people who do not usually share or speak out about how they really feel, it can be a great concern about them when coming to deal with the issue of testing positive for HIV. This can be much of an issue because HIV/AIDS has been perceived much as a somehow different disease, one that usually gets attached with a certain stigma.