Delegates should work towards changing the mind-set of young people: Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi

The Secretary General of the United Cities Local Government Association (UCLGA) Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi says that the challenge of migration is one of the key issues that will be addressed at the eighth edition of the Africities Summit, currently taking place in Marrakesh Morocco, in North Africa. He says that as much as migration is a human right, Africa needs to create dialogue and come up with solutions to reduce the number of people migrating to Europe. On the issue of young people, Mbassi says that the main reason young people leave their home countries is because they are made to believe there is no future in their countries. Addressing a press conference this morning, Mbassi urged those attending the summit to work towards changing the mind-set of young people so they may believe that they can be as successful in Africa.