Mekgwa le dipoelo tsa go bapatsa kgotsa go phasalatsa kgwebo le Mme Refilwe Tselanyane – RT Good Eats / Aide de Cuisine

One of the most important aspects of ensuring a business succeeds is thorough marketing to the rightful clientele; this does not only make people aware of your business but constantly reminds them of the existence of your business and the services offered.
Young and beautiful Refilwe Tselanyane, who taught herself how to bake from an early age, has been performing wonders with her business RT Good Eats that was initially started as Aide de Cuisine.
Refilwe is a self-taught baker whose passion for baking emerged when she used to take flour at home and make some of the wonderful recipes from magazines. As she grew up in Khutsong, Refilwe started off by selling muffins at train station and over the years, she started baking for birthdays, weddings, tombstones and baby showers.