To sell or not to sell South African Airways

The conversation around whether or not South African Airways (SAA) should be sold or not has sparked debate in some circles, with some aviation experts and economists warning that the selling of state owned entities could force South Africa to pay up to R466 billion in guarantees should its state companies not be able to meet their debt responsibilities. With utterances by South Africa’s Finance Minster suggesting that SAA should be sold, President Cyril Ramaphosa has since poured cold water on those sentiments saying that selling SAA was not an option and that the airline was pivotal in developing the country’s economy.
We are joined in studio by:
• Prof Jannie Rossouw is the Head of the School of Economic and Business Sciences and Wits University.
• Guy Leitch is the Editor of SA Flyer/ FlightCom .
• Joachim Vermooten is an Independent Aviation Consultant and a researcher at the University of Johannesburg.