29 Oct A New Dawn for Ethiopia & African Women as Sahle Werk Zwide becomes president

It’s a New Dawn for Africa, as Ethiopia elects its first female president: Sahle Werk Zwede. She was elected president unanimously by members of the Federal Parliamentary Assembly on 25 October 2018.

Not only is this highly conservative and patriarchal society preparing to be led by the second Female President in Africa, Ethiopia also has a 50% Female cabinet, which is also a pioneering action in African society. Sahle has the mammoth task of leading a country that’s characterized by a 80% rural demographic, and a low girl child school going rate. On The Lion Show, we discuss what it means to have a Female President I Africa and why having female leaders is a very profitable idea.

Our Entrepreneurship Swali of the week drew inspiration from African presidents, where asked: How many African Female presidents have led an African country? We also discuss mental health for entrepreneurs in the light of the deeply saddening passing of South African mostwako rapper Hiphop Pantsula (HHP). We delve deep into the concept of Impression Management, the idea that for optics we have to come across as “having it all together” and not show weakness, and how that affects your progress as an entrepreneur. We end off the show with a few tips on
How to look after your mental health as an entrepreneur:
•Talk to someone
•Make time for yourself
•Prioritize & Schedule work and life activities
•Network, Socialize
•Take a Social Media Break
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