23 Oct Brexit in chaos

The British prime minister Theresa May is facing a backlash from hardline Brexit supporters in her own party, after she told European Union leaders that she would consider extending her country's post-Brexit transition period by another year. Hundreds of thousands of supporters of the European Union marched through London on Saturday in the biggest demonstration so far to demand that the British government holds a second public vote on the terms of Brexit. What has been at contention recently is the trade agreement that the United Kingdom will have with the European Union before it separates itself from the political and economic union.

We are joined by:

• Prof. Gerhard Erasmus, Associate at the Trade Law Centre,

• Asmita Parshotam, dmitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa and a researcher in our Economic Diplomacy Programme

• Jameel Ahmad is the Vice President of Corporate Development and Chief Market Analyst at FXTM
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