Go abelana diphilo mo magareng ga batho ba mogare wa HI le yo a senang mogare wa HI le Dr Boity Mashitisho

Life today has been improved greatly by the use of technology. Even in the health sector as well the use of technology has greatly advanced the health workers duties to improve the health status of their patients and save lives as well. Technological innovations like transplants have greatly assisted in the process of saving lives and assisting the weak or terminally ill to improve greatly.
There is a growing need for kidney and liver transplants in persons living with HIV. Fortunately, with the significant advances in antiretroviral therapy and management of opportunistic infections, HIV infection is no longer an absolute contraindication for solid organ transplantation.
Data from several large prospective multi-centre studies have shown that solid organ transplantation in carefully selected HIV-infected individuals is safe. However, significant challenges have been identified including prevention of acute rejection, management of drug-drug interactions and treatment of recurrent viral hepatitis.