Bana ba ba tshelang mo mebileng le Rre Katlego Ncaphe – Executive manager (PEN NGO)

Children are supposed to be loved, protected and provided for with all their needs. The bill of rights also makes provisions for children to be provided for with shelter over their heads, and additional necessities like clothes, food and education.
Unfortunately there are lot of homeless kids on many towns and cities of South Africa. Any rational minded person would know that it cannot be that most of these children were born on the streets, they must have had homes that they were either chased away from or they chose to run away from. In most cases it happens that you find these children to have run away from their homes due to reasons known to them.
Children may run away from their homes either due to abuse, physical or even emotional. In case of the absence of biological parents it might be that children are not happy with how foster parents or guardians do care for them or treat them, and having nowhere else to go to they end up roaming the streets.